Life cycle services

Life Cycle Services
Additional to our other services, Vonk is able to provide consultancy, installation supervision, (pre-) commissioning, start-up, training and (preventive) maintenance worldwide. Our Customer Service department can offer spare parts and service contracts can be offered to optimize your overall reliability and respective maintenance costs.

Improve your operations effectively 
Vonk gives added value to every project. Thanks to our knowledge and experience in a wide range of disciplines, we are able to improve your operations effectively and improve their quality and reliability. Our commissioning and service organization specializes in commissioning, servicing and carrying out inspections and maintenance for high-end Oil & Gas assets.

Helping your business 
The organization is largely made up of commissioning engineers with a polytechnic qualification and extensive experience of commissioning and service on a national and international level.

Brand independent 
Because every client’s needs are unique, our service department is willing to find the best solution for each request. The decisive factor is specifications, not brand name!

Services and maintenance available 24/7 
As Vonk’s equipment and products are essential in industrial processes, we ensure that our clients receive excellent services such as customer training and a service/maintenance organization that is available 24/7. Moreover, with our international network, we are able to negotiate favorable framework agreements with suppliers and OEM’s worldwide, which results in competitive prices.

Vonk’s service department is the one-stop shopping place for industrial equipment and spare parts. Our trading department is able to serve the complete supply chain: from equipment sourcing to warehousing. One-off orders or long-term service contract, all Vonk clients benefit from the same level of service and expertise.

When it comes to service, we are able to offer you a complete program covering the implementation of measurements, inspections, maintenance and a 24-hour fault reporting service for your plants:


  • Power measurements
  • Harmonic distortion measurements
  • Earthing measurements
  • Phase goniometry
  • Insulation resistance testing
  • Contact resistance testing
  • Power transfer ratio measurements for power transformers (max 2500A)
  • Security
  • Study/research resulting in a report with proposed measures
  • Instrument calibration

Inspections and maintenance

  • Medium voltage installations
  • Transformers
  • Low voltage installations
  • Generators
  • Control/Security/DCS/ESD/F&G/PLC systems and Equipment
  • DC installations
    • Cos phi improvement equipment
    • Field instrumentation
    • NEN 3140 certification