About us

VONK, a globally active, independent multidisciplinary technical service specialist, provides you with the process automation-, control- and optimization systems you need. 

We engineer and develop modular containerized, skid mounted solutions to minimize or even completely mitigate the down time of your processes required to install or upgrade your systems. We support you across the asset life cycle: from early concept to FEED, to maintenance to system upgrades and replacements and everything in between. As well as with executing broader multidisciplinary project management (e.g. EPCM) roles.

Our proven, time tested and constantly evolving blueprints for success gained with decades of  ‘in-the-trenches’ experience around the world, delivering complex projects safely often under high time pressure (e.g. brownfield rejuvenation and turn-around projects), and our reputation to always put your interests first, make VONK the safe, secure and reliable partner that is in control to deliver what you need.

Ask anyone who has worked with VONK.  We are driven and committed to find, engineer, implement and safely deliver the most reliable, effective and efficient solution for you, no matter how complex the challenge.  In control of the right solution.  Safe and secure. Anywhere. Anytime.

We understand your performance drivers and always look beyond the obvious to look for ways to help you reduce your opex, optimize your capex and boost your performance. 
Always have. Always will.

Our role
The Oil & Gas industry faces the daily challenge of meeting the world’s energy needs in a safe, economic, social and environmental responsible manner.  Those active in other industries often face equally daunting challenges with high stakes. Each and every day, we commit all of our energy, experience, knowledge and capabilities to help industries to control their process, boost their performance and excel in their business.

That’s how we play our part in supporting you in the important responsibilities and challenges you have and face every day.

Our people and our values

  • We are not bound to any specific equipment or system vendor.  But we know them all. This means we are in control to develop the most reliable, effective and efficient (‘fit-for-purpose’) solution regardless what equipment or systems you use.  For you. Always.

Creativity - harnessed by expertise and experience

  • We believe in ‘horses for courses’.  Complex problems require a specific, tailored and intelligent approach (and not a ‘cookie cutter’ answer). If the only tool in your box is a hammer, every problem eventually becomes a nail. 
  • VONK professionals are in control with cupboards full of tools.  They are creative and committed and able to harness their combined knowledge, expertise and experience to develop the best solution regardless of the complexity of the problem.  In control. For you. Always.

Collaboration & agility

  • We believe that to be in control to implement that right solution or deliver that complex project on time, on budget it is imperative to share knowledge, collaborate and work with instead of just for you.
  • And when (in our experience it’s rarely if) circumstances change, it’s this collaborative approach that provides the mutual understanding, trust and agility to adapt.  To stay in control.  For you.  Anywhere.  Anytime.

Global local reliability

  • We believe local presence elevates service.  We have always worked with dedicated teams supported by our global expertise center, anywhere and anytime you need us.
  • We are strengthening our local presence further by growing our global footprint with regional hubs and companies in key locations around the world.  But with the same core values and high global standards.  Anywhere. Always.

Our people and our values

  • Entrepreneurship, technical capabilities and client focus are an integral part of the VONK DNA.  We are passionate and committed to achieving the results you need.  Always.
  • We are specialists and every day we bring all our knowledge, capability and experience to help our clients excel in their business.  We are proud of what we do and our achievements.  But remain grounded, realistic, and open to learn.